Automated Wireless Environments provides our clients with a myriad of software solutions, but our services do not end there.  We are staffed to provide our clients with a number of additional services based on the exact needs of each client.  Below is a short list of some of the services we provide that go above and beyond the cornerstone software solutions we provide and their related support.


Training can be broken down into two key areas: implementation training and on-going training: Both are equally important!

During the implementation of one, many or all of our software solutions, we include administrative and end-user training that all fall under the umbrella of “Implementation Training”.  This type of training can be performed on-site or remotely via webinars and is designed to not only introduce the client’s staff to the AWE suite of products, but to immerse them in handling their daily tasks with the new systems.  The AWE trainer will also broach new features that may interest the trainees and automate tasks that they performed manually with their old system.

Of equal importance to the initial implementation training is on-going training!  Our client’s staff turnover is unavoidable and the on-going training is designed to bring new staff into the AWE fold and to review new tools and features to the client’s seasoned employees.  Like the Implementation Training, this training can be done on-site or via webinars.   AWE recommends that on-going training be scheduled at least annually to keep their staff sharp and working as effectively as possible.

Development Planning

Our clients require development to meet their individual needs from time to time.  AWE prides ourselves on working with the client to first review existing functionality and, if required, designing SOW documents with direct client input.  Our project management team will explore every aspect of the client’s requirements to produce full client-side requirements and, subsequently, development documents.  We work with the client and the developers to arrive at an agreed upon price and delivery date for the required development.

Project Management

Our project management team will work for our clients in several different capacities.  They will be the primary contact point for both the client and the AWE department tasked with completing the job.  The project manager will define the needs and requirements from the client and coordinate with AWE to meet and exceed the clients expectations.  The project manager is tasked with removing any of the guesswork from the client and make the project :

  • Development planning and management
  • Implementation planning and management
  • Training planning and management
  • Data conversion planning and management

Implementation Management

One of the most important aspects of our clients is the initial rollout of any of our AWE suite of products.  Staff needs to be trained, data needs to be converted and development needs to be completed before the client can shift all their energies to AWE.  Our Implementation Management team is here to manage all the facets of the implementation and be the contact point for the client and the AWE staff involved.  The Implementation Manager is basically a high level, all encompassing Project Manager; their goal is to facilitate the transfer to AWE for our clients.

Data Conversions

Our clients current and historic data is an important tool when they move to AWE and our conversion team will work closely with the Implementation Manger and the client to perform air tight data mapping and multiple test conversion with cross-checks.  AWE data conversions do not required the assistance of the old software company our client was using.  Our conversion team has hundreds of successful conversions under their collective belts and will tackle our clients conversions with zeal and focus.

Truck Installation Certification

AWE does not perform the installations of our systems in the trucks and vans, but we leave it to the professionals.  The AWE Certified Installer Program has been in existence since 2015.  The program sees 3rd party truck installer companies partake in an installation course and exam.  As each vehicle is installed, the installer will send AWE photos of the installation to confirm that they are working up to AWE’s high standards.  Those companies that meet or exceed our expectations of standardizations are certified as AWE Installers.    They are recertified on an annual basis based on the work they complete for AWE and our clients.

Ask your AWE support rep about AWE certified installers in your area!