Vehicle Location

THE GPS/Automatic Vehicle Locator application will provide your company with greater control over the actions of your vehicles in the field, increase the accountability of your field personnel and allow for optimum efficiency of your company's entire dispatch process.

The vehicle equipped with the GPS receiver is displayed as an icon on your host monitor screen, and when you place the mouse cursor over a vehicle, its longitude, latitude, ground speed and course direction are displayed.

Key Benefits

  • Graphical mapping settings outline your service areas
  • "Hot Keys" are configured to allow instant access to key service zones
  • Address-Lookup puts the sought location in the center of screen with street addresses listed
  • "Bread crumb" trail allows you to track specific vehicle

History mapping displays longitude/latitude points on map
The GPS/Automatic Vehicle Locator system has been designed to work as a stand-alone system, or as a component of our RF Service Dispatch and RF Metered Delivery products. It will provide your company with unparalleled levels of accountability, efficiency and productivity. It brings new meaning to the adage that, "you must inspect what you expect."