The theme of the attendees at the tradeshows this year including NPGA in ATLANTA, MPACT in Indianapolis, and AREE in Atlantic City, is efficiency, as the high price of Oil and competition both with other Oil companies and Natural Gas and Propane makes margin the target and margin can only be increased by reducing operational cost or raising prices.  For example, printing, handling, and postage for an invoice is about $1.50 each, whereas an email is almost free OR a late afternoon order for oil, which is normally scheduled for tomorrow, can be delivered by a truck today, already nearby, that is coming back to the office with enough oil on board to make the delivery.  There are many examples, but AWE has the Tools and can demonstrate the savings with its enterprise systems and wireless point of sale systems.  A slow economy is certainly not a positive but to AWE, a software developer focussed on efficiency and controlling cost, it is driving a busy season.  

Notwithstanding the tradeshow business opportunities, the AREE "OVER the OCEAN" party, sponsored by TD BANK. was a great event allowing us to communicate, off line, to several interesting and important players in the oil business and enjoy the food and drink of the evening.